How to ride baby balance bike?

Jan 09, 2017

Baby balance bikes not only improve your children balance ability, but also improve their strength. Then here I will tell you how to ride balance bike and what a role you play when you teach your children.

3 steps of riding baby balance bike

baby balance bike

Sit with feet on the ground, lean slightly forward, and grip handlebars with hands.

baby balance bike

To propel the bicycle forward, push by alternating both feet continuously.

baby balance bike

Place feet on the footrest and practice balancing while gliding.

The role of you when teach your children ride

Be a cheerleader, not a coach: praise your child for any amount of time they spend on the Strider!

Let the child set the pace: some kids are cautious and that's ok!

Support the child - NOT the bike! The child must feel the bike tip sideways to learn how to keep it upright.

Wish you and your children a funny trend for baby balance bike.

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