How much you learn longboard skateboard?(2)

Jan 06, 2017

Today, I continue to tell you guide about longboard skateboard.

Nose and Tail

The nose is the "front" of your skateboard and the tail is the "back." Which end is which can be hard to differentiate, but most decks provide you with graphics to tell the two apart. Many skateboard decks have a bigger kick on the nose and mellower kick on the tail.

Mounting Holes

Mounting holes are pre-drilled holes where the longboard trucks are attached. Arranged as two sets of four holes; one set is near the nose, the other near the tail.


Ply is the thin levels of wood that are tightly pressed together to make the longboard deck. Rather than making a deck from one solid piece of wood, most manufacturers layer the wood in a cross-grain pattern to create a supremely strong board. The typical skateboard is seven-ply, and most boards aren't over nine-ply.

longboard skateboard


Concave is the curve of the wood between the deck's nose and tail. Concave allows a more controlled ride and a stronger skateboard. Read our concave guide below for more information about different concave shapes.


EFP is short for Effective Foot Platform. Unlike wheelbase, which measures only distance, EFP describes the area on the topside of the deck that riders stand on to control the board. EFP indicates the part of the deck between the front and rear trucks. You can think of EFP the space of a skateboard deck that isn't the nose or tail.


Rails are the edges along the length of your board, and their shape can make a difference in how your board rides. Rounded rails are common for longboards. Sharp rails have a blunt edge, which can keep your shoes securely in place. Gas pedal rails (or GPs) are a specialized rail shape where areas of the rails have been cut to a beveled edge. GPs subtract the rail's sharpness, and decrease the concave. Gas pedals give you better control and comfort when doing slides. What your rails can do also depends on the concave of the board.

After the introductions of longboard skateboard, do you know how to choose skateboard supplier?

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