Hey, guys, are you pursuit of stimulation?

Dec 05, 2016

*Remember to check your local state and city’s riding laws before tearing up any of these sweet riding spots.

Off Road Skateboard

From the traditional to the off-the-beaten (but still paved) path, we’ve got some great ideas for this weekend’s ride, like:

1. Downtown

Riding through an empty business district on the weekend can be exhilarating. Having the city all to yourself makes for a sweet ride, whether you’re out for a casual cruise on your off road skateboard or kicking off a sick trick session and rushing the parking ramps on your electric scooter.

2. Rail Trails

Rail trails are old, unused railways that have been converted into smooth multi-use paths. Cool right?! For the most part, that means miles of flat, paved trails usually running through very beautiful and/or historical areas of your town. Find the closest trails available to you using TrailLink then grab your favorite AoDi scooter or ride and get going!

3. Beach/Shore

Stretch summer just a little longer with one last waterfront ride! Most beach towns offer a paved bike path along the shore, as do most of the larger lakes. And when the water really does get too cold, you can still cut and carve up the boardwalk on your AoDi RipSurf.

4. A High School or School Playground

Visit a middle school or high school on the weekend and you won’t see a soul! Making this location the perfect spot to take your AoDi scooter or Crazy Cart for a ride. Trust us — we do it all the time!

So call your crew and coordinate your next meetup! Or show us your favorite fall ride! If you need electric scooter

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