If your children are 2-3 years old, what toys do they need?

Nov 18, 2016

If your children prefer a smart balance scooter or other relative tools, you may need read this article. I will tell you some suggestions for selecting.

baby balance bike

Children who 2-year-old

Children 2 years old enjoy the same characteristics and features of ride-on toys as younger children. Pretend play begins to appear around this age so vehicles that are realistic, like pretend fire engines, are popular. Parents are also interested in encouraging pretend play and are very likely to buy realistic-looking vehicles for this age group. Children of this age group have increased coordination and balance so they can maneuver a ride-on that requires them to bounce up and down in the seat. Slow-moving three-wheeled scooters with wide standing platforms also become attractive to these children. They are learning to pedal and some children may start using tricycles with pedals specially during the latter half of this age period. However, they have not mastered this skill yet. Battery-operated vehicles appeal to both parents and children for this age group. Although these children are physically capable of steering vehicles of this type, most 2-year-olds lack the steering skills needed to control slow-moving motorized vehicles and to avoid hazards.

Children who 3-year-old

Children at age 3 have developed the ability to pedal, and have the coordination required to use a steering wheel or handlebar. They can use three-wheeled scooters, but they have not developed the balance required to operate two-wheeled scooters and bicycles. These children enjoy tricycles and four-wheeled vehicles propelled by pedaling. Tricycles should be sized to the child, and 12- or 13-inch wheels are about the right size for these children. They can use a small bicycle with training wheels, but foot brakes are preferred because these children cannot yet use hand brakes. Children at age 3 can steer a slow-moving battery-operated vehicle.

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