Who are push scooters for?

Feb 27, 2017

We can see push scooters in many streets, do you know the people who play them?

push scooters

Toddlers – Small adjustable push scooters with dual wheels at the front are ideal for helping toddlers out of their buggies, and getting them to learn to balance, while being active and adventurous. Micro also offer pull handles so that you can keep your little ones safe while they learn.

Young Riders – So your boy or girl has a friend with a scooter and they've been asking about one, or maybe they're spending too much time indoors, or on computer games, and you want to encourage them outdoors? Adjustable Micro Scooters are ideal. They'll give your kids the chance to dart around and have fun in the sun with their friends, while keeping active.

Adults – Micro Scooters are certainly not just for the youngsters, you can have some fun on them too, whether you're wanting one to keep up with your kids, or to speed up your morning commute, we have scooters for you.

We are scooter manufacturer in China, we can provide high quality adult & kid kick scooter to you.

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